About Us

Wonder Bowl


WONDER BOWL (or Wan Di Xian in Chinese), is a new and upcoming brand that specialises in the offering of Asian noodle soup, in particular the use of rice (thick vermicelli) noodle and Chinese rice wine, to complement the superior clear soup or spicy premium soup to create a hearty and well balanced noodle soup.

WONDER BOWL adopts a traditional yet contemporary concept to its dining feel and experience. Unlike any other type of noodle soup brands, dining in WONDER BOWL is uniquely different whereby diners can choose their preference of main ingredients to create a distinctive taste of noodle soup, based on the main ingredient. In short, no two bowls of noodle soup are the same taste! Diners will also have the option to add rice wine to their noodle soup, which will further enhance the overall taste of their noodle soup.

Apart from noodle soup, WONDER BOWL also offers a variety of delicious entrees, drinks, desserts as well as alternative vegetarian, dry noodle and crispy noodle selections to cater for all the hungry tummies that are looking for a scrumptious fulfilment.